You like watching movies while working on a laptop but the video hides most of your screen real estate?

MoveAlong will push video windows to another location if your mouse gets over the video.

Recently featured on Lifehacker. Check out the Video.

Set your video player to "float on top" of all other windows and MoveAlong will position the player window somewhere else (in clockwise direction) if your mouse gets over the player. Now you can access all applications without manually dragging the video player around.

With MoveAlong you can watch your favorite show without blocking parts of your screen for working. This is real GTD!

How it works:

  • MoveAlong currently supports Quicktime Player, VLC, Plex, iTunes (Player in Seperate Window) and EyeTV. Other players may be added in future updates.
  • Additional screens are not supported. The video window will be placed on the main screen.