A graphical user interface for Mac to your /etc/hosts file

Create multiple sets for configurations depending on your projects/workflows/environment. Toggle individual sets to enable/disable your configurations.


  • Horst requires OS X 10.7 Lion
  • You're required to enter your administrative password to allow Horst access to your /etc/hosts file.


Download Horst 1.2.4

Limits of the free version

Try before you buy. The free trial allows you to create sets and configurations but only two sets can be enabled to appear in the /etc/hosts file. Purchasing will enable Horst to write all sets to your hosts file.


  • 05/Sep/2012 · Version 1.2.4 Cleaner icon. Storing window position (Thanks Michael!). Helper Authentication Changes.
  • 04/Sep/2012 · Version 1.2.3 Removed menu item "preferences". (Thanks Tim!)
  • 31/Jul/2012 · Version 1.2.2 Fix for Mountain Lion when the app might not be able to store changed configurations.
  • 21/Mar/2012 · Version 1.2.1 Avoid asking for permissions on every start.
  • 18/Mar/2012 · Version 1.2 Ready for OS X Mountain Lion (and Gatekeeper)
  • 01/Feb/2012 · Version 1.1 Less free version restrictions.