Aperture to Tumblr

A plugin for Apple's Aperture to provide a direct export feature for Tumblr blogs.

Purchasing is disabled. Use this free license instead:

E-Mail: forfree@penck.de
Key: 2AD4680D8A185741D4EFCBB9EFCCE5CC
Code: B7B66B656F49B7596F33F01E1F3F749C
Free Pro
Post pictures to your default blog
Post pictures to sub-blogs
Post multiple pictures (one post per picture)
Post custom caption and tags for your pictures
Use metadata for caption and tags


  • Version 1.6 · Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) or later


  • 05/Sep/2012 · Version 1.6 Using new Tumblr API to support future enhancements.
    This version requires Mac OS >= 10.7
  • 07/Aug/2012 · Version 1.5.17 Signed installer for OS X gatekeeper.
  • 02/Jul/2012 · Version 1.5.16 Changed installer to offer installation for current user or all users.
  • 01/Jul/2012 · Version 1.5.15 Fixed installer issues (Thanks Costa!)
This plugin is available for iPhoto too!